Ways of Jump Starting a Car


Everyone ought to know how to jump start a car because you never know when your car battery will fail.  Jump starting a car is very easy and can also be very risky when done in a wrongly, so it is advisable for you to look for a professional who will help you do it. The main thing to have is jumper cables  before you are set for jump starting your car.  Tips below are to help in the safest ways on how to jump start your car.

You should be able to check the location of your battery, or you can check the manual of the car if you are not sure where it is.  The position of the car providing the jump and your car should be in a correct position.  The advantage of correctly positioning the car that is providing you with the jump next to yours is that it will ensure that the jumper cables will reach your car without any shortage.  Ensure that the jumper cables reach both the car’s battery by placing the cars so closely.  The hoods of the two cars should remain opened and also the car giving the jump must remain shut off.

On end of the jumper cables must be clamped onto the battery of the car providing the jump.  The jumper cables have color coding which is black and red of which red is to indicate the positive and black is to show the negative. The red clamp should be connected to the red terminal of the battery  and then the black clamp to the negative terminal of the battery.  Ensure that the clamps do not touch each other which can cause a very risky electrical spark and you have to make sure that the clamps are connected correctly according to the colors in both cars. Know about Palm Beach Parking Enforcement here!

Though the spark produced around the battery can be reduced by connecting the black  clamp to the engine.  Having considered the above procedures, you can now turn on the engine of the car providing the jump to ensure that the dead battery is charge and the engine should be on for about ten minutes.  You should observe keenly whether your car will start by turning the key in your ignition.

There is a way you should remove the clamps from both batteries, that is, remove the black clamps and then followed by the red clamp after ensuring that your car engine can start.  Palm Beach Flatbed Service technician can help you identify if there I any problem that might have caused the battery to die.